amanda's blog

What's up? Here's just a little bit about me.

Well, for starters my name is Amanda. I'm in high school. I attend Chamblee Charter High School. This is my first year there. I LOVE to play sports, go hiking, go rafting, and basically do anything outdoors. I love to listen to music. I used to have four dogs, Daizy, Stormy, Hershy, and Princess. I only have two left, after to tragic accidents killed two of them. The two remaining are, Daizy and Hershy. So, basically I''m and outdoors person who loves dogs and music. If you wanna know more just ask.

My Dogs: Daizy-9; Stormy; Hershy-8; Princess

These are my four dogs. from left to right top row: Daizy, Hershy, Stormy, Hershy, Stormy. Bottom row: Prinicess, Stormy, Stormy. Stormy, Princess, and Hershy were all related. Daizy is our only dog not related to any of the other one, she is also the oldest. She turns 10 labor day 2010. Stormy and Princess (mother and daughter) are both dead. Princess died November 12, 2009. Stormy died May 14, 2010. Hershy is my boy and my protector. He's one of the best dogs I've ever had. Daziy I got for Christmas, after my first dog died when I was five. I love all my dogs, and miss Stormy and Princess greatly.
This is an awesome song my best friend dedicated to me, when he found out I was no longer attened CBHS. Its from the musical Wicked.